The Honorable George E. Risner, Precinct 2, Place 2

Most courts wouldn’t take much time with an 11-year-old troublemaker.  But 
Justice of the Peace George Risner did what the Houston school district had 
refused to do: have the imbalanced youngster checked out by mental health
professionals.  Now the youth is on medication – and back on track in school.  
Judge George Risner, in his 22 years on the bench, has proved time and 
again that he’s determined to take his responsibilities far beyond just clearing 
dockets.  He’s held court at night and on weekends to be more accessible to 
the public and to parents.  The former Houston building inspector has a rock-solid

record in innovative programs to fight youthful problems such as truancy and juvenile delinquency.  While Judge George Risner has received extensive training, he doesn’t

have a law degree.  What he does have is more than enough: common sense, innate fairness and a keen interest in helping others.

Best Justice of the Peace